Back to Black - Amy Winehouse Oil

Back to Black - Amy Winehouse Oil

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Giclee Fine Art Print on Hahnemuhle Photorag Ultra Smooth.

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Having started this new group of Pop icons with Bob Marley, my second painting portrays Amy Winehouse singing her iconic song, Back to Black. In this new group I am drawn to a totally different musical experience from the classical musicians I have previously been engaged with. Here I am gripped by a primarily theatrical experience, heightened by mood enhancing coloured lighting and the projection of the performer’s personality woven into song.

With Amy, I am drawn to her life of underlying tragedy, her dark sense of soul, yet this strange and fascinating singer, with the black voice of Jazz in her white waif’s body, projects a bunch of contradictions. In this performance of Back to Black, she moves powerfully through the remembered emotions of love, loss and rejection, while occasionally, momentarily flashing the very opposite with a look and a wink at her boyfriend in the audience. The diamond engagement ring flashes on her finger as she struts and waggles her tiny hips, half child, half woman. Her sexual appeal compounds the contradictions. It is not graceful and svelte, but defiant and gawky. Everything about her is over the top.There is a sense of unapologetic parody, that has, paradoxically, its own absolutely original and magnetic sexual appeal. 

I have had a wonderful time making this painting. Raw emotion, enhanced by the theatrical coloured lighting, floods the singer’s face and body. It tells the story, not just of the broken love affair she sings of, but, seen now historically, seems to forecast the jagged line of her colourful but ultimately grim, short and tragic future.