Red Shift - David Bowie Oil

Red Shift - David Bowie Oil

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Original artwork available for £2,220. Giclee Fine Art Print also available for £95. 21"h X 24"w

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Giclee Fine Art Print on Hahnemuhle Photorag Ultra Smooth.

An additional charge of £10 for mainland Europe and £20 for the rest of the world will be requested.

Please allow 1 week for your artwork to be dispatched.

Prints will be dispatched in strong cardboard tubes.
Original Paintings will be dispatched in a secure cardboard box.

Such beauty of human form . . . ! such ravishing colour . . .  ! The blazing fiery red light floods half his face, the other half shines, luminous, in the palest of red’s opposite colour green. His one eye, lit dark and large, highlights its huge pupil, the lovely nose and the movement of the sensual mouth . . . ! As a painter I am ravished by the androgynous beauty of this singer in the performance of his song. The red light heightens the other-world-beyond of David Bowie’s imagined space exploration. Yet, at the same time, we are not allowed to forget that this is only play and dressing up; this is theatre. 

Performing the famous Space Oddity - I portray Bowie, caught at that early moment in his career, inhabiting one of his most iconic roles. But, again, as with my portrait ofAmy Winehouse, the historic knowledge of the arc of this colourful and endlessly inventive artist’s life, his creative achievements, morphing from one personality to the next, and his ultimately untimely, sad (and possibly preventable) death inevitably informs my portrait. I am painting David Bowie, not just as he was at the moment of this performance, but, in a strange way, I feel I am portraying the whole life of this considerable, ever inventive artist.